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Disconnected Relationship?

A lot of couples struggle with in a disconnected relationship. Some are not able to enjoy time together and feel alone and miserable,  Maybe you’ve tried to fix things on your own or asked your spouse or partner to go to counseling, but he or she refused. Are you feeling unhappy in your marriage or relationship and wondering what to do?

We see many couples who are feeling very unhappy and disconnected.

In a disconnect ted relationship? Does this sound familiar?

  • Things are only getting worse and you’re not sure you want to stay in the relationship.
  • You’ve asked or even begged your spouse or partner to go to counseling and the answer was always “no”.
  • You feel very sad, depressed and or alone.
  • Things have devolved to the point where you either argue all the time or avoid talking to each other
  • You really want to know if you can reconnect and resolve your issues.
  • You’re not sure there’s anything left to salvage and wonder if you should break up or divorce.

Living in a disconnected relationship?

Are you an individual or couple looking for help, even if your partner is not willing? It might be helpful to talk to a licensed, experienced and compassionate marriage or a couples therapist to see what to do about your situation.

If you need help, get in touch

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