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Are you caught in the middle?

Does this sound familiar to you?
  • Your spouse and your parents and/ or don’t get along
  • Your spouse wants you to choose him/her or your family
  • Your partner does not like your family and does not want to visit
  • You struggle with trying to make things manageable when there are family gatherings
  • You don’t feel you spouse or partner protects you or stands up for you
  • You don’t feel like a priority or your spouse complains of the same
  • You don’t agree with how your partner handle things with your children and feel “split”
  • You end up fighting a lot befor, during or after family gathertings


Whether you are caught in the middle with your family and spouse/partner or children, the end result is feeling awful. Feeling pulled and unable to bring the two sides together can cause anger, depression, sadness and frustration.


Maybe your parents feel they should be a priority and can be unreasonable. Maybe you’ve been conditioned to take care of your parents and you don’t know how to manage your relationship and make everyone happy.


Sorting through expectations, and evaluating better ways to approach confusing and challenging situations can help you and your partner and or spouse do a better job witho thoughtful and understanding communication.


If you feel like you’re caught in the middle, get in touch.


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