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Marriage Counseling by Yourself?

Can you do marriage counseling by yourself?

Relationship or Marriage Counseling by Yourself

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are unhappy and do not know what to do
  • You’ve tried to get your wife or husband t go to therapy for a long time and they brushed it off
  • You’re having an affair and need help telling your spouse or partner
  • You’re scared you’re going to have to get divorced or separated due to your problems
  • You want to leave your marriage or relationship and are not sure what to do
  • You need a safe place to discuss your issues and concerns
  • Your spouse or partner just found out about an affair and your fear the end of the marriage
  • You wife, husband or partner wants out and you’re not sure what to do.

There’s a reason you want to talk to professional – maybe to discuss how unhappy or scared you are, infidelity that hasn’t been discussed yet, an affair or other issues that have never been resolved and you are just feeling like you need some kind of direction. Maybe you’re at a point that you know something has to change and you’re not sure what to do.

Need marriage counseling by yourself?

If you need to sort through some issues in your marriage or a relationship and you want a compassionate, experienced and non-judgmental professional to help, get in touch.

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