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Alone After Divorce?

Are you struggling and alone after divorce?

The end of a marriage can be very painful.  You tried so hard to make it work. Now you’re feeling tremendous sadness and loss.  A failed relationship can cause both parties to feel shame, grief and make it hard to function.  Many have a lot of trouble sleeping, eating and feel very isolated and alone.

Your marriage may have ended for any number of reasons:

  • you could not recover from the feelings of betrayal after an affair
  • you were treated with disrespect and emotionally abused and you just could not take it anymore
  • you slowly lost feelings for one another
  • you just could not work out your differences and connect in positive ways

Regardless of the reasons for breaking up, living alone after divorce can bring up feeling of grief and loss like you’ve never felt before.  In some situations, dealing with angry, sad or confused children can only make matters worse.  Even if you struggle with feelings of hostility and anger toward your ex (or visa versa), it is best for everyone to get some help processing and dealing with those feelings so they don’t cause even more damage and pain. We’ve seen many couples manage to get to a peaceful place even when they did not think it could be possible.

If you’re living or feeling alone after divorce there are people out there that can help you.  You’re not alone. Whether it’s a therapist experienced with divorce counseling or some type of group that helps men and women going through divorce, you can find someone to help you get through this difficult time.

If you need help and live or work in Essex County, NJ, get in touch.  We’re here to help.

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