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Affair with a Coworker 

Coping with work related infidelity? 

Are you dealing with a spouse or partner that’s having an affair with a coworker? Are you the one that’s involved and need help figuring out how to cope with the emotional fallout at home or work? Maybe you never thought you would be caught up in a situation like this and now you are dealing with fear, anger, pain and other difficult emotions.

Does this sound familiar?

  • It started out as an innocent friendship and developed into much more
  • You are hiding in appropriate texts and other correspondence from a coworker because you know it’s wrong
  • You’ve been lying to your spouse or partner about the emotional or sexual affair
  • You just found out about the affair your partner is having with a male or female coworker and are devastated

There are many reasons an affair starts at work. Maybe you’re enjoying the attention from a coworker and that attention becomes hard to resist in spite of your best judgment. Or possibly some men and women do not have clear boundaries when it comes to inappropriate conversations, which can lead to problems down the road. Others may be more vulnerable to an affair if they are not feeling connected or happy at home. Many couple don’t seek professional help because they don’t think of it, don’t think it will help or one person is not willing to go.

There’s no doubt that affairs are very painful and damage trust in your relationship.  Ending the affair with a coworker can be challenging on many fronts, but puts your marriage at great risk if you don’t.

Affair with a Coworker | What makes it difficult to Cope? 

  • Firstly, you still have to see the person on a daily basis if you may not have the option to leave.
  • Secondly, you may have become emotionally attached and letting go will be painful.
  • Lastly, you may not know how to deal with the different aspects of the and affair because of fear of what will happen. 

If you are having an affair with a coworker or or you were the spouse of someone who has been unfaithful with someone at work, get in touch

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