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Surviving Infidelity | Finding a Counselor to Help

Is your marriage or relationship in a bad place due to an affair? Is surviving infidelity possible?

The fallout from infidelity is devastating. Understandably, if you or your partner just found out there can be a range of intense emotions, from shock and disbelief to feeling enraged. As a result, some men and woman want their spouse or partner to leave.  Even more, it’s like being knocked over by a tidal wave. In addition,  the waves keep coming over time and may be a combination of sadness, anger, confusion and grief.  Over time the waves still come, but and will lessen if you are able to go through the healing process together.

Some men and women immediately want to split or divorce. This is a completely understandable reaction to the betrayal. Knowing how to survive the initial and ongoing pain is not easy.

However, many couples can, over time, recover if they know what it takes to heal. It will take a long time to build trust again and is possible if both people have to be open and willing to understanding what will help his process.

Wonder if surviving infidelity is possible for you and your spouse or partner? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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