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Social Anxiety Disorder

If you think that you might have social anxiety disorder, here is a screening you can take, print and share with your health care professional to understand your symptoms and the steps to take to get help.

Here are the questions (you can get a printable version here).

Screening for Social Anxiety Disorder (Screening Source: Anxiety Disorders Association of America find the screening here)

Are you troubled by the following? (check all that apply)

An intense and persistent fear of a social situation in which people might judge you Fear that you will be humiliated by your actions
Fear that people will notice that you are blushing, sweating, trembling, or showing other signs of anxiety
Knowing that your fear is excessive or unreasonable

Does a feared situation cause you to…

always feel anxious?
experience a panic attack, during which you suddenly are overcome by intense fear or discomfort, including any of these symptoms(check all that apply):
Pounding heart
Trembling or shaking
Chest Pain
Nasuea or abdminonal discomfort
“Jelly” legs
Feelings of unreality or being detached from yourself
Fear of losing control or “going crazy”
Fear of dying
Numbness or tingling sensations
Chills or hot flushes

go to great lengths to avoid participating? 
have your symptoms interfere with your daily life?

Having more than one illness at the same time can make it difficult to diagnose and treat the different conditions. Depression are among the conditions that occasionally complicate social anxiety disorder.

go to great lengths to avoid participating?

More days than not, do you feel…

sad or depressed?
disinterested in life?
worthless or guilty?


Reference: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition. Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Association, 1994.

Here is the link to the screening you can take and get a printer friendly copy. Bring your results to your mental health professional to understand your symptoms and what steps to take to get help.

Social anxiety disorder (also known as social phobia) is very treatable. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America also publishes this self help book Triumph Over Shyness: Conquering Social Anxiety Disorder, Second Edition

Exclusively from, this book is full of helpful and practical tips, techniques, and more to help you reduce and manage anxious thoughts, symptoms and behaviors associated with social anxiety disorder. Authors Murray Stein, MD, MPH, and John Walker, PhD, explain causes of social anxiety disorder, how it impacts relationships (social and romantic), and what treatments work. Get the self help book here.

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We hope this SAD screening and social anxiety disorder information helps you. Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us or go to our Home page.

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