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Common Relationship Mistakes

There are several mistakes people make in their relationship. There are the big and obvious mistakes like betrayal and infidelity. This can range from emotional affairs, online cheating or physical and sexual infidelity.

These bigger relationship mistakes are much more challenging to heal and repair and many couples seek professional couples therapy to find to best ways to get through such a painful mistake.

Other relationship mistakes include name-calling, disrespect, inability to express and communicate  your anger, sadness and disappointment in healthy ways. Also neglecting your relationship by not making it a priority can cause serious disconnect and hurt.

Does this sounds familiar?

  • You turned to someone outside your relationship
  • You did not listen when your spouse or partner wanting to go to counsleing
  • You frequently criticized and disrepsectfed your spouse
  • You preferred spending time doing activities instead of with your partner
  • You do not know how to communicate, listen or understand one another
  • You drink or use other substances too much.
  • You had an affair or betrayed your partner with secrecy and lies

 Have you made one or more relationship mstakes? Do you need professional marriage or couples therapy to see if you can turn things around? Get in touch.


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