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Should You See a Relationship Coach or a Therapist?

How is relationship coaching different than counseling?

A relationship coach is different from a couples therapist. Many people when looking for marriage or couples therapy think their insurance will cover this type of counseling only to find out insurance companies do not typically cover any type of relationship counseling. Why? Relationship problems are not considered a mental health diagnosis or medical necessity so they will not cover and most of the time it is an out of pocket expense.

So should we do relationship counseling or coaching? You have a choice. Coaching is different than counseling. The main difference lies in the words coaching and therapy (or counseling). You can think of it this way. Coaching is what a professional trainers do. They take a healthy person and help them work out, become stronger and more physically fit. If the person has an athletic goal, then the trainer would focus on types of training that would assist them in achieving their goal.

By comparison, a physical therapist works with someone who is not in good shape. The individual has a physical disability (whether temporary or permanent). The therapist puts them through exercises that can help restore them to a healthier state.

A relationship coach is more like a professional trainer. A couples therapist/counselor is more like a physical therapist.

How can coaching help you?

You might have heard of life coaching, and if so, this might help you better understand a type of coaching that focuses on personal connections. It is a specialized form of life coaching.

Most people have different types connections with people in their lives: relationships with their family members including spouses or partners, parents, children and siblings, friendships, or perhaps a romantic bond with someone they’re dating. Relationship coaches can assist people with the interpersonal connections they have in life. Moreover, there are even relationship coaches who specialize in certain types of relationships. Examples include couples coaches, marriage coaches, dating coaches and family coaches.

What types of issues can you address?

A coach can help you set goals for a relationship and work toward fulfilling them. Perhaps you want to achieve a deeper understanding with a particular person. Or perhaps you’re single and want to figure out what it is you want in a partner before you start dating again.

The coach can also provide you with other tools that can help you improve your life. You can learn how to communicate better and how to resolve conflicts. Tools like these can help you with whatever particular relationship you’re focusing on.

Counseling might help you delve into the past to deal with past trauma or unhealed childhood troubles. In contrast, a relationship coach would focus on the present. Coaching could help you find peace and satisfaction in your current life.

In addition, you can do coaching individually, as a couple or even as part of a group.

How does relationship coaching work?

Similar to counseling, which is now done remotely and in-person, you can do relationship coaching remotely from anywhere as well as in-person. Location may or may not be important to you. Coaching can occur through phone calls, video conferencing and even emails to any person in any state. This makes it a very flexible endeavor for both coaches and those receiving coaching. In fact, many people discover that finding the right coach for themselves is more important than finding someone close to where they live.  You can receive counseling can be done only in the state your clinician is licensed.

Considering getting help with a relationship ?

Unfortunately, most of us never had good role models for how relationships really work, especially when facing challenges, and how to communicate effectively in those situations. Through relationship coaching, you and your partner can come to understand learn what triggers tend to cause the biggest issues for each of you and how to get better at resolving those issue (and stay on track going forward).

There is no doubt relationship counseling can be helpful in  romantic intimate relationships. It can also be helpful between family members as well as employer relationships and in business partnerships.

At Maplewood Counseling & Coaching we can help you address relationship issues and experience happier lives. Find out how we can help.

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Debra Feinberg does coaching sessions by video. Each $60 minute session is $310.

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