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Need premarriage counseling? Does this sound familiar?

Are you a couple who is engaged or set to be married soon? Having second thoughts and feelings scared about committing due to some problems in the relationship? Wondering if you should postpone your wedding due to relationship or extended family issues? Can premarriage counseling help?

Many couples struggle before their wedding day. Even if you haven’t actually set a date to get married, you might really question whether or not it’s right for you. Feeling fear about getting married is more common that couples realize, but it is not an easy situation as the wedding date approaches and you feel like you’re not sure or want to back out.

How Premarriage Counseling Can Help

If you’re struggling with trust, communication problems, feeling disconnected or other issues, it’s a painful place for both of you to be.An experienced therapist can help you sort through some issues before getting married. Assessing and understanding your dynamic and what you each bring to the relationship from your own history, anticipating future in-law issues or issues like anxiety or depression can help you both do a better job of communicating and resolving your issues.

If you’re engaged and getting married soon and feeling scared, get in touch and let us help you sort through the problems and issues you’re facing.

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