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Feeling overwhelmed and alone?

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to manage everything At work and at home? Totally stressed about trying to manage family responsibilities and feel like you’re failing?

Many couples struggle trying to figure out how to handle putting so much energy into work – whether work in or outside the home – and having anything left for the relationship. In addition, some couples are dealing with difficult circumstances regarding their children. As a result, you both might feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Feel Overwhelmed and Disconnected?

Feel like your spouse or partner is not helping enough? Feeling wiped out and sad? Possibly you end up arguing and trying to be heard and understood? Feeling angry and frustrated?

You’re not alone. Couples now are so stressed dealing with long days at work, sometimes long commutes, demanding jobs, overwhelming responsibilities in the home and complicated family dynamics.

So what can be done?

For many couples going through these difficult circumstances, it helps to sit down in a safe place and figure out how to be there for one another. Also, finding better ways to communicate your anger and disappointment. Learning to listen and working on taking care of one another’s needs.

Some situations are clearly challenging and will take steady, hard work to make progress. If you need a safe place to discuss issues, get in touch

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