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Are you looking for a parenting coach because you’re struggling with understanding how to handle things with a child or teenager?

Does this sound familiar?

  • you get angry and frustrated with your child’s behavior
  • your child does not listen to you
  • your child seems withdrawn, angry or fearful.
  • Parenting issues cause a rift in your marriage or relationship
  • you realize what you’re doing is not helping or making things worse
  • you don’t like your child’s behavior and feel ashamed of how it makes you feel about your child
  • your child is especially disrespectful and oppositional
  • you feel sad and disappointed in how your child is doing in school
  • you’re child is having a lot of problems socially or with other family members
  • you are in a power struggle and want to force your child to do certain things and wonder
  • You and your spouse or partner fight about the kids
  • you want to know if your child coping with depression and/or anxiety and what to do about it

I recently saw to the Disney movie Inside Out (which I recommend for parents and kids of all ages). What an excellent movie in how it depicts the struggle of kids (and parents) with understanding and expressing emotions. The movie shows 5 characters playing named Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust, in the mind the mind of the child. It also shows how Joy tries to make sure Sadness never touches any part of the memories of the child. Ultimately, we see how very important sadness is for the child in the movie to express.

Kids usually don’t understand what they are feeling. They don’t know what is going emotionally and need help. Moms and dads try and cope with the behavior that results from their child’s confusion, and it is sometimes very challenging to say the lead.

Children and adolescents need help understanding and expressing their emotions, especially sadness. Anger, disgust and fear seems to be much easier to express. Usually underneath is sadness. It is not easy for anyone.

A parenting coach or therapist can help you understand what your child triggers in you which leads to certain very unpleasant reactions. Does your child’s issues make you feel like a bad parent? Does it trigger fear or feelings of inadequacy? Get help with how to handle things in ways that feel better to everyone. You can find ways to manage your own emotions and reactivity as you try to help you your child. If you need a help with parenting issues and you live or work in or around Essex County, NJ, feel free to contact us.

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