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Mindfulness Counseling in New Jersey

Mindfulness Counseling

One day, most of us realize what’s really important in life. Many people have to go through really difficult and traumatic experiences and suffer a great deal to be open to finding help in various forms. These painful challenges, such as divorce, break-up, another loss, grief, death of a loved one, health issues, or a struggling child become opportunities for change. When old ways of coping aren’t working anymore or the pain is too intense, many people accept and surrender – they need help.

How can you benefit from Mindfulness Counseling?

Science and experience proves mindfulness has tremendous benefits to people in many ways. Mindfulness benefits our overall health (mental, physical and spiritual), by reducing negative thinking, stress, anxiety, depression and ultimately can being tremendous happiness and peace in our personal lives, relationships and at work. Also, mindfulness can help cultivate more creativity and help is deal with the fear of uncertainty and solve problems from a place of wisdom and deeper knowing.

Mindfulness can also help people develop more compassion (and self-compassion) , awareness, kindness and deeper ways of connecting.

Meaningful work Helping Other Create more Meaningful Lives

Helping others with mindfulness is very meaningful work and I feel very fortunate and honored to help others on their paths. For couples and individual that are curious and open to evidence-based and proven ways of coping with life’s challenges, learning about mindfulness and what it means can ultimately bring a tremendous amount of peace, meaning and connection to your life and relationship.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about mindfulness counseling. We are here to help.

The five things that arekey to happy relationships

Becoming more present, aware of your partner and self aware
If you are present and aware of what you are feeling and communicate what you’re feeliing without hostility and attempt to understand what the other is feeling without defending or being dismissive, then you will feel more connected and happier.

Responding rather than reacting
True listening – true listening is a rare skill and it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to another person. This means when your spouse or partner wants to explain something to you – tell you how he or she feels about something – that you just listen. If they are able to communicate in a way you can take in ( meaning yelling, screaming, verbal abusive ) it is important to pay attention to their struggle and validate their experience. If your partner has a tendency to withdraw and pull away, use the silent treatment or stonewall, this avoidant style will take different work. This is an extremely important skill that can be learned if you are open to it. Validation allows the other person to feel heard, feel you care and feel you are present. If your tendency is to defend against something or fix something or be dismissive, it would take trying to change that habit. It can be done if you are determined to improve your relationship.

Understanding your triggers, negative thoughts and unconscious motivations and reactions

This is this what most couples struggle with. In the moment of a argument or disagreement, disconnect happens when there is some kind of trigger or hook. Understanding the trigger – which is usually an unconscious seed based on childhood experiences and conditioning is extremely important. Bringing those deeper feelings of sadness and loss into awareness by reflecting on where they come from can change the way you relate in your marriage or relationship today. Instead of taking out on your partner or spouse does unpleasant emotions to get triggered, you go deeper and reflect on where they came from so you don’t have to keep reliving them.

Ultimately, the key to happier relationships is being able to convey to your spouse or partner and also feel that you are important, that the other person is there for you emotionally and vice versa. It also takes being someone that your partner can count on and trust and the other way around.

If you need help in improving your relationship so that it can be happier and more satisfying, get in touch

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