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How Life Coaching Can Enrich Your Life

Are there areas of life you want to improve?

What if someone told you that life coaching could help you increase your hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism? And that in doing so, you could lead a richer, happier life? Does it sound too good to be true? Some might think so, but this is actually within reach for many people.

What is psychological capital and how does it relate to life coaching?

Your psychological capital is what was just described: hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism (forms the acronym HERO).

Efficacy is an important word to understand. It means: “the ability to produce a desired or intended result” ( or “the power to produce an effect” (Merriam Webster).

  • Do you have hope—in other words, can you persevere toward your goal and adjust as needed to succeed?
  • What about efficacy—do you have what it takes to work hard at a challenging task so you can achieve a desired result?
  • When problems set in, and it seems like you might have failed, can you bounce back and push ahead? Are you resilient?
  • Can you continue envisioning an achieved goal—are you optimistic about reaching your end objective?

Let’s say you wanted to be an executive or hold some kind of management position.

The term positive psychological capital arose during a study done by group of psychologists analyzing workplace environments. They evaluated information from performance studies done by people at work. As a result, they came up with the term. Capital in this sense meant resources, not money. The resources they studied were the HERO qualities, described above.

They concluded that you could indeed measure how psychological capital related to work performance and satisfaction. The HERO qualities weren’t fixed. They were developable traits.

Now, what does this have to do with life coaching?

Working with a life coach is effective in several ways. It enhances well-being. You can improve the individual’s ability to work successfully within a group environment. And, you can help develop HERO qualities. How would you like to improve your HERO qualities?

What form can life coaching sessions take?

There’s no required form for a session. You could meet your life coach in person, or you could meet through an online app such as Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Also, your life coach can set up a phone conference to talk with you.

How should you feel at the end of a coaching session?

You should feel more positive minded. The purpose of a session is to help empower and uplift you. It’s ideal if you can find a coach with a philosophy, approach and personality you can relate to. Your chances of making progress are better when you and your coach are a good fit. Also, you shouldn’t expect results overnight. It may take time to reach a goal. In fact, steady progress is typically the best way to achieve long-term goals.

Want to find out more?

Life coaching has become increasingly popular among executives, celebrities, creatives and people in everyday life. Reach out and find out if it is right for you.

We offer coaching sessions by video. Each $60 minute session is $310.

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