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Our counselors can help you improve communication by breaking patterns that aren’t working for you. We provide a safe place to learn better ways to resolve conflict in your marriage or relationship.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy


There are so many reasons some people stop talking completely and pull away. It causes tremendous pain and does not help you work through what happened to cause the diconnect. We can help.


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Argued Out?

Try to feel understand and end up aruging and then giving up trying to resolve? There are better ways to listen and respond that will make you both feel hear and understood. It will help tremendously.


Does this found familiar?

  • Not able to communicate and resolve issues effectively
  • Not able to listen without being defensive and interrupting
  • Not able to understand or feel understood
  • Put up a wall and check out to avoid conflict?

Couples often fight about the following – not feeling like a priority, money, sex, household chores, in-laws, as well as other issues. Getting to what is underneath is important. Underneath the feelings most men and women feel during a fight are one – if not all of these …

  • I don’t feel important – I feel like I don’t matter
  • I feel like you’re not there for me (mote emotionally than in other ways)
  • I feel like I can’t count on you/trust you

Understanding (with help) what is really getting triggered – slowing it down…is a good way of starting the process. Then getting better at communicating it in a way the other person can respond  rather than react,  With help you can move away form verbal attacks when you feel hurt and getting better at listening and validating rather than being defensive are part of the skills all couples can work on.

You can improve communication if you are both open and committed to  learn the skills to repair and resolve conflicts.

Feel free to call us if you need help with communication.

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