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Gay Relationship Counseling


Need Gay Relationship Counseling?

New Jersey is a pretty progressive state when it comes to gay LGBT individuals, couples and families. In some communities, such as Maplewood and South Orange SOMA where our practice is located,  there are many gay and lesbian couples, married and couples, who have families and children. It is a very diverse and welcoming community to families of all types.

Relationship and family dynamics, however, are complicated and struggle with many of the same issues straight couples face. Communication problems, family conflict, infidelity and decisions to stay together or break up. LGBT Gay relationships can be harder for people that are not out and don’t feel comfortable sharing their lifestyle and some of their struggles with other family members or coworkers. It can feel isolating and make a stressful situations even worse. Finding professional help can also feel difficult if you worry your doctor or provider will not make you feel comfortable. As a result, it is important to find an experienced, open and accepting therapist who can help.

Gay Relationship Counseling

if you need a safe place to discuss your issues, same sex counseling can help. There are certain things couples can do such as improve communication, get better at listening, respond rather than react , that will help you resolve conflict in more productive ways. You could also do those with a gay friendly therapists that is open and accepting and understands LGBT LGBTQ issues.

Communication Problems – you and your partner may not able to discuss issues effectively. Maybe one of you pursues in anger and the other withdraws in anger. If you attack verbally or put up a wall or retreat with the silent treatment, you cannot resolve your issues. 

Trust and Betrayal – you don’t trust your spouse or partner. Something just doesn’t feel right.  Understandable if there was an affair or infidelity.  Maybe online cheating and texting other men or women or being dishonest in other ways.

Conflict –  You argue, name call, get verbally abusive or nasty in other ways and need to find better ways to repair your disagreements and understand what is really going on. 

Parenting issues – you are on different pages with parenting issues or have to deal with step children. You fight about how to handle things with the kids or have trouble with other issues with you kids. 

If you are looking for help with gay family or relationship issues, please feel free to look around our website or reach contact is by email or phone.

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Gay Relationship Counseling

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