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Are you looking for family therapy in NJ? Family therapy helps family members going through a stressful time in the family. They can work on resolving conflict and improving communication and work together on issues that affect the entire family. It is short term therapy that focuses on the entire “system” to help with certain issues and problems.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re having trouble with parenting or sibling issues
  • You need help with step-family or blended family issues
  • You argue and fight about differences in parenting styles
  • The family is coping with grief after a loss of a loved one
  • A family member is dealing with depression and/or anxiety
  • Your teenager is depressed, anxious or having trouble fitting in
  • Your child is gay, lesbian or transgender and it has been hard to accept
  • You are trying to support and help a family member

Even when one family member is in their own treatment for an issue, it can be helpful for the family to work on a family situation that causes stress, anger, grief or conflict to help bring you closer during difficult times.

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