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Help Coping with Emotional Pain

Need help managing deep and ongoing emotional pain in your relationship and personal life? You are not alone…

We all have to deal with emotional pain at different points in our lives.  Life unfolds in ways we never expected (or wanted) and finding ways to get throught these tims is important. Deep emotional pain is the most challenging for us all.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You lost a loved one and feel like you are in the grips of deep sorrow, trauma, shock or all of the above.
  • You are feeling lost after divorce or the end of a relationship and don’t know how to handl your intense emotions.
  • Maybe you feel ongoing emotional pain due to problems in your relationship or family.
  • Or are you’re just feeling empty and a deep pain inside your gut is painful and hard to manage.

How can you cope better with this deep emotional pain? Maybe you could use to find better way of managing the pain so you can lessen the impact emotionally and otherwise. Understanding the source of the pain and what to do with it can help. Emotional pain, which is also referred to as the pain body (by Eckhart Tolle) and also referred to as old emotional pain or undigested pain, can be extremely challenging to cope with. This type of pain can be very intense, at times, and cause strong emotional reactions, especially in relationships. Pain that is “unconscious” (meaning you are unaware of the true source) can cause intense fear, sadness, anger, confusion, or another emotion that is hard to process. Working through emotional pain means becoming more aware and conscious of the difference between the pain and the negative thoughts about the pain which can make things a lot worse for most people.

As therapists, we also experienced emotional pain as well and have to work through our pain and really understand how hard it is when going through it. We have a great deal of compassion and help others with their pain by focusing on the diffieerent between emotional pain and the thoughts about the situation. Negative thoughts make the pain feel worse, so a big part of helping is making people aware of the emotional pain and thoughts about it. Helping people increase their awareness and noticing the pain and trying to accept it’s there without making it into a mental concept “ this shouldn’t be happening” , “ oh, I’ll never get through this”, “it’s someone else’s fault that I’m feeling this way” are all examples of what can make your situation prolonged and much worse. Many people unortunately can take out their uncoscious emotional pain on others since they are not feeling well and assume the reason is something others have done. Others will trigger your old emotinoal pain, but developing the skills to work with the pain without lashing out at others will help tremendously. 

Helping people process deep emotional pain takes developing more awareness about what’s going on internally in the body and paying attention to and trying to stop negative thoughts about the experience. We can help you work on this to find the relife and peace you deserve.

If you are coping with emotional pain right now, that’s been hard to manage, reach out and let us know how we can help.

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