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Coping With an Affair and Infidelity

Are you coping with an affair? Wondering if your relationship can survive the infidelity? If you found out that your spouse or partner ( boyfriend or girlfriend ) cheated on you, it makes sense you’d feel completely devastated. How you found out also complicates things.  And you are no doubt going through a range of feelings from shock, anger, hurt, sadness to confusion. It can also be a huge blow to your self esteem, sometimes making it hard to eat, sleep, or function at work or home. The betrayal of a spouse or partner is so incredibly painful.

Is this you?

  • you’re in shock and you just don’t know what to do or whom to turn to
  • you don’t want to tell family or friends and you feel all alone
  • your feelings of shame are unbearable and you just feel like hiding from people
  • you’re not sure if you can stay in the marriage or relationship
  • you put up a wall and want to distance or lash out (or both)
  • you can’t be around your spouse or partner without feeling an incredible amount of pain
  • you’re getting obsessed with, and focused on, wanting to know all the details, but that only hurts more
  • you keep asking “why?” over and over
  • you feel like somehow it’s your fault

Coping with an affair is so very difficult. Of course you feel angry, of course you feel hurt. So what’s the next step? Can your relationship heal from the damage of an affair?


Healing After an Affair

The Importance of Trust

Coping after an affair can be very difficult and take a long time to heal. We hope this information helps you understand the healing process and what steps you can take to recover from infidelity.

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