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Coping with Hard Times | Mindfulness

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

All of us have to deal with the unexpected and sometimes very unpleasant circumstances in our lives. As much as we try, we cannot control so much of what happens. Sometimes coping with health issues ( you or your child or other family member ), a change to your family situation such as divorce, death of a loved one, infidelity, a struggling child, loss of a job, and financial hardship to name a few.

How you handle these situations is important if you want to reduce the amount of suffering you go through. Resisting and pushing away from these circumstances “this shouldn’t be happening”, etc… will only make matters worse. What you resist will persist and end up making you feel worse. SO what can you do?

Developing the skill of mindfulness can help you deal with difficult circumstances by learning how to accept what you can’t change and navigate difficult circumstance in a more calm, peaceful way.

Dealing with challenges past and present

There are so many things that we cannot control. Maybe when you were young you had deal with hardship such as divorce, poverty, neglect or even death of a parent.  Other Children have to deal with an abusive household growing up and having no say or ability to deal because they are children. These painful experiences can affect the way you cope with difficult times as an adult.

Having a Hard Time Coping?

Feeling helpless and out of control? Does this sound familiar?

  • You are going through a divorce
  • A loved one is dealing with health issues
  • Your own unexpected health issue has you scared and devastated
  • You’ve lost your job or are dealing with financial uncertainty
  • Your child has a mental health issues that has been challenging
  • You’re in a marriage or relationship that’s not been going well

There is so many challenges we all face at time. Developing coping mechanisms and developing a mindful approach to challenges will help you tremendously. Instead of resisting and getting angry or stuck in the painful experience, find ma therapist that can help you develop tools and skills in how are you related to present and future challenges.

Life is about how you handle Plan B, and you will have many opportunities to handle Plan B better and better over time.
If you need help developing on mindful way of dealing with challenges, please feel free to reach out to us.

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