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Is Your Child Being Bullied?

This website StopBullying.govwas also launched recently to help kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and communities with helpful information on how to stop bullying, cyber bullying, internet bullying. website to help:

  • Kids
  • Engage Parents and Youth
  • Educators
  • Communities

Bullying is NOT just a harmless rite of passage according to President Obama. Here is President Obama’s Anti-Bullying Campaign and video to let victims of bullying know “you are not alone” and “things will get better”. Here is his message to help victims of bullying and tips to help kids, teens, gay and lesbian LGBT youth and young adults who are victims of bullying.

We are partnering with the anti-bullying campaign to help Stop Bullying at are our local schools in NJ. New Jersey has an anti-bullying law now. and some schools have a “Bully Free Zone” sign displayed around the school. It’s great to see children and adolescents and parents can now get more support to stop a bully from hurting others.

The local District Schools in South Orange and Maplewood as well as neighboring communities are all taking steps to help with bullying and cuber bulling.

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

We hope this information is helpful if your child is being bullied. Learn how to deal with bullying and cyberbullies that are hurting a child.

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