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Angry Tone Causing Issues?

You Confused By How Upset Your Partner Gets?

Does your spouse or partner complain about your angry tone? Doe you feel you don’t even have a tone and get frustrated by your wife or husband’s complaints? Feel like you are not getting anywhere when you are trying to express how you feel?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your partner gets very upset when they hear angry tone
  • It annoys your because you don’t fee you have a “tone”
  • You feel like it’s no big deal and normal to express yourself this way
  • You find it undbearable and put up a wall when this happens

So how can you both resolve this ongoing problem? You can find better ways to resolve conflict and become aware of your triggers. Sometimes one person grows up in a family where people are loud when they express one another and it feels normal. Sometimes the other partner grows up in a scary, abusive home and has a strong reaction to hearing something familiar (and upsetting).

One the other hand, one person may have grown up in a household where no one raised their voices, so hearing that from a spouse can feel scary and bad. The best way to start making important changes is to understand where these feelings come from so you can both understand (with compassion) what to do to improve your communication and become aware of your “tone”.

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