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Help with An Emotionally Reactive Relationship

The Volatile, Emotionally Reactive Relationship

Need help with emotional reactivity? Does this sound familiar?

You or your partner get triggered and “lose it” a lot

  • You (and your kids) feel like you’re walking on egg shells
  • Your children are seeing some very negative interactions
  • Your spouse or partner blames you a lot
  • You feel stuck and can’t find a better way to communicate


Emotional reactivity and hair trigger responses are going to make it difficult to feel more connected and happier in your relationship. No doubt people trigger each other all the time in relationships, but it’s about how you work with the trigger so you don’t lash out. Lashing out to your spouse or children doesn’t help and cause emotional damage. The result may be your spouse wanting a divorce and your children not wanting a relationship with you.

If you are the person that gets emotionally reactive, you know how hard it is to stop. Getting frustrated and angry at your partner is not unusual – all relationships deal with frustrating and angry moments. It’s normal to have your differences, but when you get extremely angry and feel like you can’t stand (hate) your spouse or partner and you’re having difficulty finding anything positive about him or her, there is something important to understand about your triggers. Acting in a way that makes others feel very unsafe and scared of you will cause a tremendous amount if damage to the relationship over time. It is also bad for your own health. Many couples need professional help to understand and change this toxic dynamic.

Many experienced marriage and couples counselors see what happens over time when a couple get stuck in this place.

If you’re on the receiving end of someone getting really angry, yelling, criticizing and even name calling, it can be devastating and cause you to eventually question  whether you can stay in the marriage or relationship.  Because it’s a tremendous amount of damage and disconnect in the relationship.

Do you need help dealing with emotional reactivity? Get in touch.

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