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Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol?


An LCADC is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Drugs or alcohol can affect individuals, harming their quality of life. Also, addiction can also be hard on a couple’s relationship. And, it can cause problems in families.

How can an alcohol counselor help? A counselor designs treatment plans to help individuals with addiction issues. Counselors also help couples affected by addiction along with struggling families. Often, family members want to help a loved one with drugs or alcohol issues but don’t know what to do.

Do any of the above sound like what’s happening to you? If so, you’ll be glad to know counseling is available to help.

A drug counselor devises a personalized treatment plan

You and your counselor can address the problems you need to resolve. In fact, we focus on the most pressing issues first. And, we’ll establish your immediate and long-term goals and decide on a treatment process that is personalized to help you.

We’ll explore your problem or problems. That way, you can see how they are affecting your life, your attitudes and feelings. Often drugs or alcohol seem like effective ways to cope. However, in many cases, when they are the solution, they later become the problem.

Drug and/or alcohol counseling can make a difference in overcoming underlying problems:

  • Do you have unwanted behavior patterns?
  • Are you struggling with unhelpful thought patterns?
  • Is it hard to face the damage that drugs or alcohol is causing?
  • Is getting motivated to do something about drinking or taking drugs difficult?
  • Are there things you can’t cope with or accept?
  • Do past traumatic experiences still bother you?
  • Are daily situations in life getting you down?
  • Do you have reactive emotional responses that seem out of your control?
  • Has your life lost a sense of purpose and meaning?

Find out how we can help

Change is possible. Contact us about drug or alcohol counseling.

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