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Aging and Mental Heath

Coping with Getting Older, Depression, Aging Care Resources

Dealing with aging and mental health issues can be rough. Hitting 50 for many of us is a time when we reflect on our lives and think about our mortality. Even if you feel healthy, you start to wonder about the inevitable and issues such as heart problems, strokes, and the big “C.”

Add to that dealing with elderly parents, a sick spouse or partner, financial struggles, divorce and dealing with adult or adolescent children.  Getting older can feel very overwhelming. Depression is a common aging and mental health issue.

Need Aging and Mental Health Resources?

So how can you deal with feeling depressed? Aging care services, psychotherapy and support groups can help with feelings of isolation, depression, grief, hopelessness, and anxiety. Try to reach out to your doctor, a mental health professional and local support groups. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, try calling a few licensed mental health professionals in your area to see who you might feel most comfortable talking to.

You can also find some helpful resources here.

Find Elder and Aging Care Resources to Help You

Aging and Mental Health | Psychotherapy Articles on AARP

We hope you find these aging and mental health resources helpful. We’ll be adding many more resources.  Feel free to let us know what information might be of interest or help to you and your family.

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