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Can We Survive An Affair?

Relationship Counseling After an Affair

Did you or your spouse just find out about an affair? Wondering if your relationship can survive?

Unfortunately affairs happen to couples that would never expect it. Whether it’s sexting, emotional affairs, online cheating, or infidelity involving meeting at hotels and other secret trysts.

Does this sound familiar?

  • The woman or man your spouse is having an affair is the one that told you about it
  • You suspected for a very long time that something was not right and your husband, wife or partner kept denying it
  • You never ever thought your spouse or significant other would be capable of cheating on you
  • You never thought you would be capable of an affair and wonder why you did it

Regardless of your circumstances, many couples want counseling to help them figure out the next step. Whether you’re the one that was betrayed or the one that screwed up.

Some couples – most couples I work with can recover from the damage done by infidelity. But it does depend on many things:

Have there been long-standing issues causing distance and disconnect in the relationship that both people are willing to take a good look at to understand how you got to this place? This does not excuse infidelity in any way shape or form, but most of the time infidelity is a symptom of problems in the relationship and it ends up leaving a relationship vulnerable – one person being lonely or needing attention and finding it elsewhere.

If you are a couple living in New Jersey and need help to figuring out the next step, get in touch.

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