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Maplewood & Short Hills Counseling NJ

Many couples and individuals search for a local therapist to help them when they are going through some changes, transitions or difficult times in their family or relationship. Maybe some have tried to do all they can to figure out issues on their own and reach out for more help when things become to painful and frustrating.

Is this you? You…

  • need a marriage counselor to help you with family, parenting or relationship issues
  • are going through a divorce or break up and need help dealing with grief, anxiety or depression
  • want a therapist to help with infidelity, an emotional affair or online cheating
  • really want your wife, husband or partner to go to therapy with you and they refuse
  • fear losing your marriage or relationship and have been very disconnected
  • need help with communication problems or resolving conflict in your relationship

Debra Feinberg, LCSW helps local couples, families and individuals going through a difficult time.  Also, marriage couples may want help with disconnect in their relationship or transitions in the marriage. So, if you need experienced and licensed therapist can help with family and relationship issues, Feel get in touch. We are here to help.

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