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Feeling Sad and Depressed?

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Depression, Relationships

Feeling sadness and deep emotional pain and in need of therapy?

Understanding what you’re feeling and why is important. If the feeling persist, a mental health professional or doctor can assess your circumstances and recommend certain types of treatment.

Sad about difficult circumstances

-When things in your life are not going the way you expected, it can cause sadness. Maybe it’s your relationship causing unhappiness and stress. You’re not getting what you need and feel alone,  Unsatisfied couples often feel sad, angry  and/or lonely. Feeling stuck and trapped in these circumstances can lead to depression.

For others, parenting challenges can cause deep sadness, frustration and disappointment. If your son or daughter does not seem to be doing well emotionally or has behavioral challenges, it can be rough on the entire family.  In addition, if your child is ill and has medical concerns, it can be incredibly hard to cope with your own concerns and emotional pain. 

Challenges with your work and career can also be cause some people to feel sad. Maybe you hate your job or are dealing with a boss that is unreasonable and hard on you. Possibly your work day is very long and stressful due to ongoing pressure you put on yourself or is coming from your employer. 

Moving and relocating can cause a lot of sadness. Getting connected in a new local community can be difficult for a lot of people and can take time. If you’re an introvert, it can be even more challenging. Stressful moves can cause arguing and disconnect if you are not working together to deal with the changes.

A new baby, newborn and coping changes in your family is very difficult on most young couples. Feeling exhausted, not sleeping, dealing with a colicky baby and not getting enough rest or help? End up feeling a lot of tension and fighting more than usual? Postpartum or mere exhaustion makes many young mothers miserable. Maybe you’re not a young mother and coping with huge transition as a woman giving birth in her late 30s or 40s. 

Some of you may have had trouble or continue to have difficulty getting pregnant and are undergoing fertility treatments, such as in-vitro or other types of procedures. 

Coping with divorce or break-up causes tremendous feeling of grief, loss and sadness for most people. It can be one of the most painful  emotional experiences when your relationship ends. 

An adult child that is going through hard times and you feel powerless to help. Maybe a son or daughter is going through divorce, financial trouble,  or other challenges. 

Any of these situations may cause you to feel sad overwhelmed and hopeless. Reaching out top a licensed therapist can help with an evaluation and help you start making important changes. 


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