More Like Roommates Than Lovers?

Your Relationship Lacking Intimacy?

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More Like Roommates Than Lovers?

Do you feel like roommates?

Many couples that seek counseling may need help with their connection. Some describe feeling more like roommates than lovers. Busy with jobs, children, and problems in the relationship can cause couples to disconnect and feel like there’s no intimacy. Maybe you’re too tired, you lost interest or you’re angry at your partner Overtime this can feel very unsatisfying and make both partners unhappy.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Intimacy and sex is very in frequent
  • Intimacy is nonexistent when you feel alone
  • You feel like you have to do your duty and “give” your spouse or partner sex which is unsatisfying for you ( or both)
  • You’re bored with intimacy and it’s the same old same old.
  • You feel like used and like a vessel when you do have sex
  • Sexual pleasure feeling one-sided and and all about one person.
  • You’re so busy taking care of everything and everyone that you feel like this is just one more thing or person you have to take care of
  • You no longer love your spouse
  • You’re so angry at your wife or husband that you have no interest in being close

If you want to explore what is making the marriage or relationship feel more like a roommate situation, get in touch.

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