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Not Getting What You Want, Getting What You Don’t Want

There are so many things that can really make us struggle. Not getting what we want or expect or getting what we don’t want, can really cause a great deal of suffering and pain.

If only…

  • I had more money
  • I had a better marriage or relationship
  • I had a better body or physical appearance
  • My child would be a better student or do what I say
  • I was not alone and in a relationship
  • I was more successful
  • I had a better job or career
  • Had a bigger, better house
  • My spouse, son or daughter did not disappoint me

Getting What You Don’t Want

Struggling with…

  • Cancer or another serious illness
  • an ill spouse, child or parent
  • tragic death of a loved one
  • divorce or a failed marriage
  • a partner or spouse that is not there for you
  • loss of your home or job
  • a high level of anger, resentment and bitterness
  • financial insecurity and worries

If you or a family member are looking for ways to deal with not getting what you want or the opposite, there are several resources to help with these difficult thoughts and emotions. Being open and flexible to various resources (books, support groups and therapy) can be a great help.

Some of our other blog articles have resources and books that may be of interest as well. We hope you find this information helpful in your search for making more peace with your present reality.

If you need counseling to help accept circumstances and deal with emotional pain, get in touch. 

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