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Improve Your Marriage or Relationship

What will it take to improve any relationship? Learning to be there emotionally, be open and willing to make necessary changes, be honest and trustworthy and be compassionate.  Men and woman who are determined can get better at understanding, making it safe emotionally, and knowing how to sooth or comfort your spouse or partner when they are expressing sadness, disappointment or anger..

What makes it difficult to improve your marriage or relationship is truly having difficulty understanding your spouse or partner – not really getting where he or she is coming from.  What gets in the way are all of the negative habits or patterns you’ve developed over your lifetime when it comes to relationships.  It’s also difficult if you feel like your wife or husband doesn’t listen to you or understand you.

Improving Your Relationship

Reflecting on the past – they way you were conditioned growing up and how your role models taught you how people treat each other. If your role models did not treat one another with love and respect, it will help you bring those negative patterns into awareness and slowly let go of any negative types of behaviors so you don’t have to keep reliving them now. For example, if you watched and heard your role models argue and yell, treat one another with disrespect,  get defensive and not know how to listen and respond to one another, then most likely you picked up those habits. Even if you were raised by single parent or parents that got divorced, how they treated you informs the way you think relationships work.

Understanding past relationships and experiences will help you improve your relationship tremendously. You can learn to create a more loving and connected relationship throughAnd make your relationship understanding, awareness, presence, compassion and kindness.

Getting Relationship Help

If you need help breaking out of negative relationship patterns and creating more positive ways of interacting, reach out to us or any experienced marriage and couples therapist.

You just have to take that step. It does take courage and commitment to work on breaking a pattern or habit, but any person or couple that is determined can make it happen. It will be well worth the effort.

Let us know when you’re ready. We are here to help.

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