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Attitude is Everything in Helping You Cope with Life

Are you a glass half empty or half full person? Working on your improving your attitude can help reduce the suffering you experience.

Is this you?

  • You’re feeling defeated and ashamed of a a failed relationship. divorce or breakup
  • You’re very sad about getting older and feel like your life is behind you
  • You feel like a failure in love and struggle with grief over being alone again
  • You or a family member is facing difficult health issues
  • You’re the care giver for a family member who is seriously or chronically ill
  • You did not get into the college you wanted
  • You did not get the promotion or recognition you feel you deserved
  • You got fired or were lost your job


Working with Your Attitude About Failure

Novelist Samuel Beckett ‘s famous quote  “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better” is the topic of many lectures, talks and most recently this I listened to this book by Pema Chodron, which I recommend if you’re looking for help trying to change your negative thoughts and attitude about your situation.

Reducing the Negative and Increasing the Positive

Reducing the Negative and Increasing the Positive

Becoming more aware and conscious of your negative thinking and thoughts and replacing those thoughts with more positive can help you start working on changing your attitude. I often listen to this Sounds True free video “Advice for Difficult Times: A Short Film of Teachings from the Heart” . This short film has offerings from different spiritual teachers about how to get through difficult times. In one section it talks about reducing the negative and increasing the positive with the analogy of pulling weeds and planting flowers, among many other helpful ways to cope with difficult times.

What connects us all as human beings is the suffering we experience at times. What we can do is slowly, over time, when dealing with these challenging experiences is be with what’s there and learn how to reduce the negative and increase the positive. Attitude is everything and training to embrace and allow the experience you are having and working on the attitude about those experiences can make a huge difference in the amount of suffering you experience.

Need help changing your attitude?

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