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Understanding Anger and Depression

Do need help with anger and depression? Do you wonder if your anger is related to being depressed and not knowing better ways to cope with your feelings?

Many men and women suffering from depression can feel angry and irritable and not understand what it really at the heart of their anger.  Some people get mean, nasty and are not expressing themselves in ways that will help.

There is a connection between anger and depression and being assessed by a mental health professional will help you sort through whether your anger is about something else or underlying depression that needs treatment.

Do you get triggered and angered easily? Does this sound familiar?

  • You get angry at your partner or spouse often
  • You push people away with your anger and reactivity
  • You don’t understand why you get so angry and feel badly after
  • You feel guilty about your anger
  • Your anger is causing problems at home or at work – or both
  • You cannot understand what is really going on, it just feels bad

A good therapist can assess and help with anger and depression. Most people that are determined can eventually become more aware of what they’re feeling and learn to express those feelings more effectively. You can reduce that emotional reactivity along with reducing fears and judgment and that will help you reduce anger and depression.

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