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Is Jealousy an Issue in Your Relationship?


Is jealousy driving you crazy in your marriage? Is your spouse or partner always asking questions, trying to check your phone and whereabouts? Maybe you are the one that feels jealous and doesn’t not trust your partner and you just don’t know what to do.

Are their Obvious Reasons to be Jealous?

Infidelity and affairs are a game changer. Are you hiding an affair and you spouse can tell something’s wrong? Are you lying and also engaging in other inappropriate texting, phone calls or other conversations?  Maybe you’re spending too much time with a coworker and denying you are meeting one another or saying “we are only friends”.  In addition, if you were dishonest you have to decide if you will come clean and be completely honest – even if it is just admitting you were flirting with someone else.

Also, If you’ve had an affair in the past, feeling of insecurity will persist for a long time most people. So, if the infidelity has never been healed it will keep coming up, sometimes in the form of jealousy,

Want to Help Your Spouse?

When your partner struggles with jealousy, it’s important to understand why. If you are totally honest and there was never infidelity then find out what you can do to help your parter feel more secure.   Jealousy can also develop if you are disconnected.

Lack of connection can cause feeling of insecurity about things in general can make a person wonder why. “Is she interested in someone else because she’s not interested in me”.  Not feeling wanted and question lack of intimacy or interest can cause jealousy.

Counseling can help if you want to help your partner who struggles with jealousy. It can help you reconnect in positive ways. Need help? Get in touch.

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