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Dealing with Blended Family Problems?

As if relationships aren’t challenging enough! Coping with the energy that it takes to be a parent can add stress to any relationship. Even couples dealing with their “own” children can feel “split” over parenting issues and styles. Then there are couples that come together with children from previous relationships. You’re dealing with 2 sets of children and, most of the time, exes the cause many blended family problems.

Do These Blended Family Problems Sound Familiar?

  • You feel tension and fight over your own or your spouse or partner’s children
  • You have little patience for the way your spouse or partner handles things with their children
  • You don’t have enough time for your relationship due to issues with the kids
  • Your child or your partner’s child has serious health, mental health or behavioral issues
  • You feel like you need to protect your child or children from your spouse or partner
  • Adult children cause a wedge in your relationship
  • Your young children or teens do not accept your spouse or partner and it causes great pain
  • It’s a struggle to connect with and understand each other’s children

So many relationships are formed after a divorce or previous relationship. Many of these involve children of one or both partners. The issues that come up due to blended family problems can add so much stress to a relationship. Many couples need help with how to handle things in a way that is productive and supportive rather than destructive to the relationship.

Getting the Support you Need for Blended Family Problems

It’s normal to expect that everyone may need to adjust to so many different personalities, young and old. If you or your partner struggle with blended family issues, a trained marriage and family therapist can help.

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