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Therapy Vs Medication | Choosing Therapy or Medication

Are you on the therapy vs medication fence?

Some people search for a quick fix to anxious or depressed feelings and wonder if therapy can really help. There are so many studies that have shown that psychotherapy treatment works. Medcation alone may relieve some symptoms, but therapy can be very effective in treating a wide range of issues, such as reducing depression and anxiety, improving social functioning, self esteem, helping with marriage, family and relationship problems.

The Choice: Therapy vs Medication

Psychotherapy with a trained therapist can improve a person’s mental, social, and interpersonal functioning. So when faced with certain problems in your life, therapy can help. Psychotherapy can help you find better ways to cope, communicate and make positive changes. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, depression, divorce, panic attacks, relationship problems, grief, or gay LGBT issues, almost anyone can benefit from seeking therapy instead of just taking medication.

We hope this info on therapy vs medication is helpful.

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