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Parenting Tips for Tweens and Preteens

Preteen years are one of the most challenging times in your child’s life. Tweens are confused and frustrated aboiut all the changes they are going through physically and mentally. Most parents have trouble dealing with and understanding these new behaviors and attitudes. What can we do to reason with and help our preteen boys and girls (and ourselves) through this period?

Here are some parenting tips for tweens from Aha! Parenting on parenting your preteen (ages 10-12 girls and boys).

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  • Positive Discipline with Your Preteen/Tween Read More
  • The First Cell Phone: Rules for Responsibility Read More
  • Keeping Your Child Safe Read More
  • Bully-Proof Your Child Read More
  • How to Keep Your Child from Developing an Eating Disorder Read More
  • Staying Close to Your Tween Daughter Read More
  • Bully-Proof Your Child Read More

We hope you find these parenting tips for tweens helpful.

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