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Parenting Counseling | Struggling with An Adult Child?

Do you need help with your relationship with your son or daughter?

Do you have a complicated relationship with your adult child? Is your son or daughter making choices you don’t understand or like? In addition, do you disapprove or what they do? Are you worry about their well-being? As a result, is it causing you or your relationship to suffer?

Many parents struggle with a number of different issues when it comes to dealing with an adult child. Because as we all know, life does not always go according to ( your) plan. In addition, any number of things can cause a mom or dad to struggle to accept and support their adult child for any number of reasons. Therefore, mothers and fathers can work on reducing the fear, judgment and disconnect with your child. Because, most adults sons and daughters will distance from you if they don’t feel accepted by you and feel judged and criticized. It is painful when you parents don’t approve of who you are.

Does this Sound Familiar (for one or both of you) ?

  • We dislike our son or daughter’s partner or spouse and can’t help making it known
  • Are you struggling with accepting and supporting a gay, lesbian, transgender MTF FTM child?
  • Is your adult child struggling with relationship or marital issues?
  • Are you feeling worried, disappointed or angry at your child?
  • Feel hurt that your adult son or daughter isn’t spending as much time with you as you’d like
  • We don’t approve to the way they are parenting their own children and can’t help criticizing
  • We need help so we don’t continue to put more distance in our relationship with our child
  • You don’t like your son-in-law, daughter in-law or other in-laws and it causes problems
  • You feel like you failed as a parent and are concerned others will judge you or your child
  • You’re dealing with including very frightening and painful issues such as addiction, substance abuse, eating disorder

Do you need help accepting things you cannot change and supporting your child? In addition, do you need help accepting your child even though you don’t like, understand or agree with what they do?

Even though there’s no doubt it’s difficult to managing disappointment and expectations of an adult child. However, there are thing you can do to accept what you cannot change and working with your own emotional pain. Final.ly, is key to manage and work with your own feelings to get through difficult times.

Are you or other or other family member in need of help? Please get in touch. We really do understand.

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