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Find An Experienced Marriage and Couples Therapist in New Jersey

by | Anxiety, Depression, Relationships

Need a Couple Therapist to Help You?

A good marriage or couples therapist can help you figure out what to do if you stuck a painful situation. Whether you’re partnered for a short time or married over 20 years, an experienced therapist can help you if you are both open to it.

How can a good therapist help? By help you do learn to do a better job of listening, understanding and responding (rather than reacting) to your partner. When you realize you can’t do things on your own and have to change your approach, seeking help from the right couples therapist is important. If you’re open to it, counselling can help you learn to listen and understand in ways that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own.

Professional Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Does this sound familiar? You are

    • feeling alone and scared of losing your marriage or a relationship?
    • terrified your wife or husband because your spouse has emotionally checked out and is now asking for a divorce.
    • stuck in a bad place in your marriage or relationship.
    • coping with online cheating, infidelity or an emotional affair.
    •  upset because you asked your spouse or partner just basically ignored your requests.
    • the one who has ignored your spouse or partner’s pleas for help from the couples therapist because you thought things were fine and now you realize ( and are feeling really scared) because they are not.
    • feeling like there’s only a sliver of hope left your marriage or relationship will survive.

When to Get Help

If you have come to accept that you cannot change certain things on your own, it’s important to realize what you can change – your willingness to get help, to see what can be done before calling it quits. If you are in abad place in your relationship, you are missing each other. You’re disconnected. Understanding how you got to this place is important.

The distance and disconnect a couple experiences – feeling alone and hopeless, is very painful. Can you reconnect and get to a better place?

If it is possible to reconnect, you can learn what will really help you bring down walls, listen, understand and give your partner what they really need (not assuming what you think they need). This applies with serious issues like infidelity and difficult arguments and communication problems. It does depend on each person and their willingness and ability to work through and heal that painful disconnect.

If you are in need of counseling, a good marriage or couples therapist can help you sort through and figure out your next step. If you’re looking for a couples therapist in New Jersey, get in touch.

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Not enough sex and intimacy in your marriage or relationship?

Couples Therapy

Maplewood Counseling provides relationship counseling for couples who are struggling with communication problems, an affair, a crisis or other issues. In addition, marriage counseling and couples therapy is provided to help for all types couples with relationship issues.

Relationships & Families

Get relationship help for communication problems, affairs and infidelity, deciding to stay or leave your marriage or relationship, family and parenting relationships and more.  Also, we specialize in helping couples with marital, family and relationship counseling.

Making Decisions

Are you unhappy in your marriage? Need help with your relationship and want to come in alone to talk?  Partner or spouse won't come with you? Struggling to make some decisions to deal with painful relationship, parenting, step, blended or other family problems?

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