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Struggling with Loneliness?

Loneliness is an epidemic. Mental health experts are seeing a trend with the amount of people, young and old, that are feeling a great deal of loneliness. They have also studied how loneliness over an extended period of time can cause serious health issues.

Are you feeling lonely? Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You are surrounded by friends and family, yet still feel lonely
  • You do not have a support system and struggle getting more connected
  • You are a young person teenager or young adult and feel isolated and alone.
  • You are over 60 and have lost a spouse or gone through divorce and feel depressed and alone.

Loneliness can affect people of any age. Sharing these vulnerable feelings in a safe place and trying to find a strategy to help break this pattern can be very helpful.You are not alone. More and more people are coping with intense loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Do you need help or are you trying to help someone you know that struggling in this way? Get in touch.  

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