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In An Estranged Relationship?


In An Estranged Relationship?

What is an estranged relationship? Estranged implies a loss of affection, distance and instead of turning to your spouse or partner, turning away. If you have been feeling unhappy and disconnected for a long time, it can create a tremendous amount distance and even hostility.

Are you living under the same roof and feeling trapped? Feeling there are no good options for dealing with your disconnect? Most importantly, it is having a huge impact on everyone’s emotional and physical well-being?

Estranged Relationship | Still Living Together?

Are these your circumstances?

  • We sleep in separate rooms and have for a long time
  • We hardly speak to one another
  • Our children are fully aware of how bad things are
  • We argue and there are verbal insults and hostility
  • At times, we fight in front of our children
  • I don’t love my spouse anymore and even feel like I hate him/her
  • It’s so obvious to everyone we can’t stand each other anymore
  • We cannot afford to separate now
  • We stay together for the sake of the children

So, what should you do? Maybe you’ve tried marriage or couples therapy before and it did not help. Possibly you never even sat down with a relationship therapist. Regardless, it might be time to see what you both can do to accept your situation and improve the way you relate.

If you are stuck living together for now, there are better ways of dealing with your situation so you can find more peace until you figure out the next step.  If you are both open to this process, get in touch.


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