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Argue All the Time?

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Argue All the Time?


 Do you argue all the time?

If you argue all the time, it can result in feeling emotionally drained, lonely, and angry.    For that reason, you might feel depressed and hopeless especially if you constantly get stuck in this place.
Even more, it can make you grow so far apart that you end up feeling alone and disconnected. Probably, you wonder if  it’s time to split up since you can’t break this pattern.

Learning to Listen

If you and your spouse are willing and open, you can learn how to connect in healthier ways. It will take listening, compromising, negotiating and getting better at controlling your own negative emotional reactions. On addition, It is important to make it safe enough so you both can express your true feelings and thoughts without fear of verbal insults, interruption, defensiveness and criticism.

Petty Arguments and Trivial Complaints

Petty arguments are usually about something deeper. Its never the small stuff that really matters and most couples know it.. So, understanding the feelings that get triggered under the arguments will help you both do a better job changing to create healthier communication.   Most importantly, knowing how to heal will include listening, understanding, accepting, supporting and forgiving one another to heal.
If you need help because you argue all the time, get in touch.

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