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Need Help Expressing Anger?

Anger is not the problem, it’s how you express it.

Explosive anger and rage may damage your  personal and professional relationships. If your anger is out of control and threatening your marriage, relationship or employment, it is time to get help. Anger management counseling and/or classes may help you deal with your anger in more productive ways. Instead of blaming others for your anger it’s important to take responsiblity and learn to communicate, cope and deal with your anger in more productive ways.

Need anger management NJ for any of the following?

  • Issues related to divorce and conflict in your relationship
  • Parenting problems – you feel angry and have little or no patience with your child
  • Workplace Anger – you have been fired or your job is threatened by your problems with anger

We hope you find this information helpful. If you need help expressing anger in more effective ways, get on touch

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